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Solo Stove Starter 16Ct SS-Starter-16

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Fire starters designed to endure. Starters are uniquely formulated to give your flame the upper-hand in all weather conditions.

Each pack comes with 16 starters.

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Additional Information

Our starters are made of only clean, non-toxic materials so you can enjoy a safer burn. We know how hard it is to always keep up with your curious furry friends, which is why they are also made pet-safe.

A wet fire starter can be just as pesky and hard to light as wet wood. That’s why Solo Stove Starters are made water-resistant to avoid any of life’s mishaps.

Starters can be used in any Solo Stove Fire Pits, Camp Stoves, Pizza Ovens, or Grills for whatever you need a flame for. Simply place a few within your fuel and ignite for a bright burning flame.


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