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Gear for Men on a Mission.
Whatever that Mission May Be.

My wife, Amy, and I opened Wingman in August 2021 with the hope to offer something different in men’s retail. We saw a need for good quality everyday items beyond clothing and shoes – in one location. A place that is welcoming and respectful of your time and shopping style. It’s actually become a store the entire family can enjoy. It’s a store where stories are shared and started around meaningful personal accomplishments and celebrations. As a family business, we seek to offer items that will become part of those stories – to strengthen families and especially support men in their journey.

We’ve done our best to carry a selection of high quality daily-use products for you. A lot goes into selecting brands and products that make it to our shelves. That’s because we want products that will perform as they are supposed to, last a long time, and get some compliments along the way… why not? Along with the products, we try to spend time with customers to ensure they are making the best choice they can – making sure that item will fit into their lifestyle. We certainly don’t want purchases ending up in a drawer or garage sale. So we are always available and eager to help with any questions or guidance.

We really enjoy offering an assortment of useful gear for customers. You’ll find one of the best selections of European traditional shaving products in the state. More of a beard guy? We have great product lines for beard care too. We can help you pick out a signature scent to finish getting ready for the day or a special date night. We can keep you prepared and ready with pocket knives, flashlights, pens, notebooks, books, wallets and more. You’ll enjoy an unmatched shopping experience with products you’ll purchase once, use well, and perhaps pass down to future generations.

The first and only name that accurately captured my business concept was Wingman. I like the traditional aviation usage that symbolizes unity around a mission and supporting others. The essence of a wingman has to do with the service of another. Serving with an open heart and mind not only enriches the lives of others but also leads us on a journey of discovery, fulfillment, and purpose.

Prior to opening Wingman Gifts, I enjoyed a 25-year career in video production. Highlighted by being awarded two Emmys™. All was well until mystery physical symptoms led me to stop working altogether. After a two-year journey to uncover a diagnosis of Lyme Disease, we spent another six years seeking treatment. I was not able to continue working, sadly. While treating Lyme disease, new challenges arose, such as heart procedures, severe anxiety and depression. We got help from our faith in God, a team of doctors, practitioners and an amazing program at Rogers Behavioral Health to improve enough to begin making Wingman a reality.

We appreciate you taking time reading some of our story. We’d love the opportunity to meet you in person here at the store. If that’s not possible, take a look on the website for something that interests you. We’re always evolving and trying to bring in the best and most useful products for our customers. So check back every so often. Hope to see you soon.

Steve & Amy