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Parker RWPB Rosewood Handle Pure Badger Shave Brush RWPB

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The 100% Pure Badger Shave brush has a long loft brush knot for extra lathering ability. Not as coarse as black badger, and more firm than silvertip badger, pure badger offers an excellent compromise between stiffness and softness. It creates a fabulous lather and we’re sure you’ll love it. The wood handle is beautiful, but we hope you won’t be afraid to use it!

Manufactured with high quality bristles, this brush will turn your morning shave routine from a chore into an enjoyable ritual.

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Additional Information

Product features include:

  • 100% Pure Badger Bristles
  • 20 mm Brush Knot
  • Durable Wood Handle
  • Handmade for Superior Quality
  • Long Loft Bristles for Extra Lathering Ability
  • Lucite Brush Stand Included
  • Packaged in a Gift Box


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