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Mühle Vivo Plumwood Pure Badger Brush MUH-81H331

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The Material – Plum wood

The wood of the plum tree offers intriguing colouring, a vivid grain and is very hard and robust.

To protect the wood against water, the surfaces are sealed with oil. The resulting soft gleam is a deliberate and highly attractive side effect.

The Brushhead – Pure badger

Pure badger is the basic quality among the natural hair types. The material is recognizable by its relatively dark colouring. The individual hairs are somewhat thicker, but still soft and much more flexible than bristles.

This quality is highly recommended for those wishing to take a badger hair brush that provides a slightly stronger massage effect. We manufacture this product mechanically according to the same high standards which we apply to all MÜHLE products.

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Additional Information

    • Handle: Plum Wood
    • Bristles: Pure Badger
    • Head and Stand: Chrome-plated brass


    Shaving Brush

    • Overall Length: 106mm
    • Handle Length: 51mm
    • Loft: 55mm
    • Knot: 21mm




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