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Holme & Hadfield Watch & Knife Combo Deck Pro Storage CDP-WT-831-1

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Personalize How You Display Your Collections The Combo Deck Pro is a customizable watch and pocket knife organizer, allowing you to mix and match your watches and knives, in one place. The patented innovative interchangeable posts set this knife and watch box organizer for men apart from the competition. The transparent acrylic cover stands at a 90-degree angle, so you can easily select your timepiece or knife from your watch boxes. Just slide your watches or knives onto the proper posts, and they’ll be secure and ready to be displayed. The felt lined drawer also protects cufflinks, lighters, pens, rings and more. Combo Deck Pro comes with 4 extra interchangeable posts, including 2 watch posts and 2 knife posts as well as with Vegan Leather Padding for extra protection!

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Additional Information

Knife Box Dimensions: Length: 15 inch / 38 cm Height: 6 ¼ inch / 16 cm Depth: 5 ¼ inch / 13.2 cm
• Made in China
• Weight: 11.09 lb (5.03 kg)


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